Scrolls of a radical pragmatist and healing of the mind, heart, and spirit… liberation from oppression and tyranny.

death traps

depression, it hits hard. engulfs the soul like a black hole.  Forever far, beyond the event horizon.  Hard, to see beyond the timeline, it’s a fine line to say all is alright.  Face disguised, painted on like a clowns plight.  Of the trodden is a far cry.  Downward spiral, compacted hard lines, chopped with razor blades; these are hard times.

When affect is an effect of the turbines that make up the darktime sunshine.

infection of the dark in the spine.  Rewind, define infections of rejection; injected into the blood stream – it’s a dark dream.  Dark places, dark nights, when dark hearts desire to be heroes.  Dark Knights, dark days – when sunlight is far from birth rights. surrounded by night.

death traps flow like death raps.  Put down the flaps, crash landing; tarmac – fall back, like saving the day light, turn back and keep track; the rhythm unpacked.  Undone like a master hack.  unpacked in the darkest of nights.  Blind sighted by dawns morning light, till dusk i’m gone; believe the hype.



The Summer slips away from humanity’s grip / Like Winter she slipped away / Running away My life / seems to slip, back into another day / She held me thus till Spring arrived / but my soul Was far from being right / She kept me still till The day / when death came to stand beside / She Held me still while death presides / Carved away The life of mine / with past and future between I Lie / The death of me became the life / that glory Failed to bring to life… The death of me became the life / that glory bring to life…

The fall raised contempt / deep within the crust of life / Breath, of the holy said goodbye / She tells of glory, left behind / the truth of desires left to fight / Short sight, the moment when death suffice / Christ the glory brings new life / I lay six under remembering life / Roll of the dice, redemption to fight / a choice imagined delusional plight / Ride the sunset, allusive to find / a source of pride, a loss of sight / embrace the darkness of the night… The death of me became the life / that glory bring to life…

the therapeutic frame

dark sky the blue, its true / the grey was blue, too / electro-magnetic brain waves / magnetized the eyes to you

its true, black holes pulsate / like collapse stars illuminating / our eyes meet agian, just saying / no hook, just contemplating

when nova emerged it bulldozed / woke up sleepers from the doze / slowing the temporal template / fate, reaches from a dark state

confront the self-contempt / the hate harbored intrapsychic / interpersonal intuitive psychic / you hear it and can’t help, like it

you fight it and hide it. cried it / tears hidden in the dark / conjures up within your heart / valued life. a key apart, the heart

another day hours to season / reasons tell of the sickness / witness the resurrection of fits of wit / meaning we reconstructed it


the darkness consummates space, vacuumed into a black hole. transformational star beyond. catastrophic explosion, ejection of mass to the furthest point of the multiverse. a life of a stardust reflects the destruction. a micro-verse, reconstructed. a breath of the holy, emerges. arisen from the hurst, convulsion. revolution of a sphere, our mother earth. breathes life into our birth.

atom this eve’d

as atom i’ll die, electrons scattered through time. neutral attempts to regulate, collapse with boundaries. you emasculated my mind. you dismiss our collision to copulate as shameful contempt. your faith has fated the realm into an inverted breach of separate lines. your benign attempts, left your own existence between our lives as dead realms you want to leave behind. you hinged my friendship to a boxed up lie.

eve let go and let the trace delineate into my own demise. do lie, conjure up tears in your prey. i’m beyond the crime… no time for goodbyes, deliver yourself to hades and look past our eyes. delve into your own abyss & slay attempts to round the morbid graft you made of me in your mind. you can’t see past me… in that, you miss me. now breathe out that sigh of grief and pay no mind.


metabolic chamber

bated like prey, deathly indirect. indexed, reflections connect. from realm to realm, nexus direct. inflicted, instinctive reactions. indicative on a projected helm. your mind is sick. defensive zed-eye mind tricks. fritz of fringe – extraordinary experiences. sirius binary stars in far off lands are hearing this. serious, deliriums from deep within abysmal realms. hell, inverted with bells and hails from heavens realm. hail, greetings voiced with oh’s and ale. stale air washed away with heaven’s reign. washed away the pain, stained onto the heart. washed away… take care of your metabolic chamber.

interpersonal wreckage

interpersonal wreckage. the confession of needs, a vulnerability that is susceptible to violent rejections of personal contempt. concede my death to the freedom that rides with the waves. shades of light fragmented through the paradigms of social constructions. reconstruction is the battle cry of the creative structures caste upon the realm of the milieu. we see you, cries out the shadows of haunting from yester-past. past the shame, blame game all leads to the same. a grieving of unspoken pain that remains an unvoiced claim to the march of sand grains. the psychotic lives that maintain a level of sanity between the delirium of living in a death grip; ray of a high beam, strained into the garments of the current jet stream. high up in the atmosphere and deep beneath the oceans fear. hear and here… enter the royalty of gifted spirits… blessings to who hear it. now here it.

chaotic wake of shame

there’s a deepness to the emptiness that reflects shame. humiliation in chaotic blame of conscious shame. not to mention the morbid game of lyrical murder of everybody’s pain, until death becomes of our name. the unnamed revelation of psychotic shame. waking dreams have been the insomniac scene of narcoleptic sleep between days of wake. dancing between the boundaries like star-quakes that shake the earth with thunder brakes in the crust of self contempt. conceived from the depth of loving abyss. consists of deconstructing the sickness that infects my injection of toxic projections. i shout out internally with mental stakes through space to a day that dates to another… state

awe: la to seattle

War torn the first time through the city. Dominions are clear defined in the peacefulness. There’s a secret that lies deep beneath the history of this city. Something else get’s put on pause while you are here. The mountains that surround are a place to peak down upon.

The streets are quiet from this ledge we perched upon. Deep in a chamber I ran through space to find time to be alone and on my own, delivered from the ghosts that was blessed farewell to a season or two ago. Grey memories re-emerge to bring life back to the image.

Enter, the grey… when the black hole collapse re-fashions a galaxy against captivity. Supernova activity… travels through space to return to the needle that ushered the lightening that sparked new realms of incantations, ignited for knightly purposes. One…

interdimensional recognition

I had a psychotic break. A break down, Recycled break-ups, a mental hick-up. Running, like I don’t give a fvkc, only to lose myself in the sorrows of “dont give a fvck”.

Run, the board, flip the world on its head. Raise the dead, complicate matter. Destroy images conceived in the realms of the others chaos. Smoke them el’s.

Hell can freeze over in a season, pull out the cold beers and ice tea. reason speaks of self defeat. don’think. Greetings in silent whispers in the wind we breathe.

Feel your heartbeat concaved in your chest. Less the hole in your heart stand congested. The infection is the game you play in secret. A persona we wrecked it.

We shake it like a tambourines, deemed to be fooled around with, because of unrelenting fits of wit. This shit is not for the blind, your smiles can make a man cry. Now die.

Dry bones fleshed with skin. Ghostly figures refracted within. Sin, to hide the world that begins, in the depth of our eyes… black holes reveal the depth of your lies.

Grains of sand on a desert land… passing mother earth in the wind of her hand. You can’t dance because you can’t see me sing and my words reveal my own spinning.

Who’s winning, the world’s been singing and the ants that crawl in the cities we call town have been dancing. Rancid, acid rain upon our heads. Your alive or your dead.

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